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Mind~Body & soul Healing

We remember everything that has ever happened to us!

Cellular memory is part of our biology: traumatic or otherwise significant experiences are registered in the energy body and affect the physical body. Our sub- conscious mind records the sum total of our experience- right back to the womb and even beyond, to what may be other life experiences. Un-integrated experience-trauma- imprints our nervous system and accumulates emotionally charged energy in our bodies which eventually manifests on the physical level causing imbalance and disease. Emotional wounds and familiar patterns from childhood are unconsciously re- created in our personality and relationships causing conflict and disharmony. 

MBS Healing


reaches beyond  symptoms to root causes, initiating deep and lasting healing of even the most chronic or life-threatening conditions. 

The etheric body,  also called the physical template,  carries the imprints of any energetic influences and traumatic memories which are still affecting us. These are traced back to their origins through the sub-conscious mind, a process akin to entering a vast personal archive in which all life experience can be accessed and reviewed from a place of safety and clarity. Here, at the causal level of our Being, the laws of quantum reality apply: energy becomes matter and vice-versa; thoughts and feelings become molecules and biochemistry. As the significant experiences are fully understood and integrated on all levels: physical, emotional, mental & spiritual, profound healing occurs, which is facilitated with hands-on and vibrational work The cellular imprint is released and the physical body, emotional and nervous system cleared of all past or external influences. Over time, unhealthy tissue can be dissolved, and damaged tissue repaired, through application of the very same mental & emotional energies which gave rise to them only now applied in a positive, life-enhancing direction.

At a still deeper level, soul imprints or Sanskars (a Vedic term meaning “scars on the soul”) can keep us locked into repeating patterns of frustration, limitation,  self-sabotage and unhappiness. Their healing involves re-connecting to the Light and infinite potential of our spiritual Source, freeing us to live a creative, fulfilling life. This process in itself can bring about life-changing realisation and transformation.

MBS Healing can also identify and release other multidimensional influences such as  spirit attachments and thought-forms, which can have serious effects on our physical, emotional & mental wellbeing. 


How many treatments will I need?


MBS healing is essentially a “one-off” treatment, although further treatments may be required to deal with the full spectrum of presenting conditions. However, MBS healing is potentially life changing and such fundamental changes often require on-going support in order to be fully adopted and integrated, and so follow-on therapy sessions are also available if required. The aim is to empower the client with the insights and self-belief to continue their healing process without the need for long-term or continuous treatment.


Mind~Body & Soul Healing

Mind-Body Soul Healing is a synergistic approach which integrates cutting edge mind-body healing with the spiritual and soul levels of human experience . It is the product of 25 years of personal experience and research in the fields of holistic health combined with recent scientific breakthroughs in the fields of cellular biology and quantum physics. MBS Healing reaches beyond symptoms to root causes, initiating deep and lasting healing of even the most chronic or life- threatening conditions as well as emotional and relationship problems. It produces profound healing on all levels, a deeper Self understanding, wisdom and empowerment, soul re-connection and integration of the Whole Self.  

It is people who are healed- not diseases! 


Whether it is a physical problem or an emotional or relationship issue, both the cause and the cure arise from within the person them-self, the sum total of their (unconscious) beliefs, feelings and memories. MBS healing goes directly to the source bringing relief, release and regeneration at all levels. It is also a journey of self- discovery leading to a deeper sense of self- empowerment and wisdom. 

Can I be healed?

Conditions treated include: Chronic fatigue; low energy; depression; anxiety; skin problems; digestive & circulatory problems; acute conditions eg cancers, tumours; strokes; auto-immune conditions; fertility & sexual problems; structural (skeleto-muscular conditions); sexual abuse; relationship issues; self-esteem & confidence issues; phobias; obsessive compulsive behaviours; eating disorders; life-changes eg bereavement, career change; success issues. Multidimensional issues such as: spirit attachment, energetic influences, demonic possession, soul retrieval, ET related issues can also be treated.


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